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      2. 產品類別

        A 55-Series
        The Hydraulic Nut for mounting and dismantling
        roller bearings and oil-pressure mountings


        SCHAAF A 55 Series Hydraulic Nuts offer you many advantages compared to conventional fixing devices and methods of mounting:

        • Robust, durable and lightweight mode of construction

        • Ready for immediate use, fully assembled and oil filled

        • All parts sealed leaktight from –30 °C to +100 °C

        • Purely axial pressure force, independent of stroke

        • Uniform distribution of pressure forces

        • No torsion under load (no thread wear)

        • Wide choice of Hydraulic Nut sizes and designs

        • Several Hydraulic Nuts can also be operated uniformly due to the pressure build-up

        • Repeat accuracy even after a long period of use

        • Simple and easy to maintain

        • Treated surfaces

        • Special designs of any type available upon request

        Fields of Application

        Mounting and dismantling of roller bearings with conical or cylindrical seat, conical shaft-hub connections, as well as all types of oil-pressure mountings.

        Quality Assurance

        All Hydraulic Nuts are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy, proper operation, and pressure resistance. They are subject to quality assurance measures during order execution and delivered with detailed documentation.


        The Hydraulic Nuts are, of course, delivered packaged, ready for installation and operation.

        SCHAAF Hydraulic Nuts are user-friendly, reliable and are manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated staff will be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our works, in the general handling of high-pressure equipment.

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