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        Eco Rolls 合金軋輥

        increase your production and lower costs

        SCHAAF introduces revolutionary progress in steel wire production with EcoRolls,the reusable compaction roller. An increase in efficiency by reducing downtime as well as an enormous quality intensification due to improved end results is guaranteed when using this high pressure hydraulic technology.


        SCHAAF EcoRolls offer you many advantages compared to conventional solid rolls or other composite rolls:

        • Longer rolling times of the mill

        • More tonnes per pass

        • Fewer interruptions to rolling schedule

        • Pass dressing less deep

        • Shorter dressing time

        • Reduced roll stock

        • Improved surface quality of the rolled product

        • Less scrap

        • Shortened, reusable labyrinth rings

        • Continuously reusable roll body

        • Hydraulic Nut with high axial clamping force

        • No keyways, thus, no cracks in the roll rings

        • No slippage of roll rings

        • Safe mounting and demounting of the SCHAAF Hydraulic Nut when changing the roll rings at the mill or, if requested, at our premises


        Example based on a German wire producer: On stand 10, when 5.5 mm wire is produced,the costs amount to 0.37 € per tonne when cast-iron rolls are used. Using SCHAAFEcoRolls, the costs have been reduced to 0.06 € per tonne. SCHAAF rolling capacity:594,000 tonnes Standard rolling capacity: 163,000 tonnes


        All EcoRolls are inspected for material quality, dimensional accuracy, proper operation, and load guarantee. During order execution, they are subject to continuous quality assurance measures and delivered with pre-tensioning reports, as well as detailed documentation.


        EcoRolls are, of course, delivered in sturdy boxes, ready for installation and operation. At the request of the customer, we also supply the EcoRollswithout roll rings, or assemble roll rings provided by the customer.

        SCHAAF EcoRolls are reliable and are manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated staff would be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our works, in mounting the rolls.

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