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      2. 產品類別
        A-LOC 輥環鎖緊裝置

        Axial LOCking – Less wear thanks to a highly efficient
        method of mounting roll rings free of any tensile stress


        A-LOC offers the following advantages compared to conventional                            locking systems:

        Roll rings have a longer tool life

        • Decreased regrinding depth

        • Reduced regrinding frequency

        • No cracks due to lack of extreme radial forces

        • Roll rings need no longer to be cracked due to
          excessive radial tension force

        • No structural changes needed for cost-intensive '
          module parts when converting to A-LOC

        Roll modules have a longer service life

        • Axial and radial bearings last longer

        • Contact surfaces around the roll ring assembly are not worn down

        • No secondary damage as the roll rings will no longer crack due to excessive radial                                tension

        Less rejected rolling stock due to

        • offset grooves and extremely rough surfaces on the rolling stock

        Cost-intensive existing parts such as roll rings, roller shafts, sliding rings, bearings etc. can be used without changing

        • Damaged parts can, in many cases, be recycled

        No need to carry large stock of cost-intensive parts such as roll rings, roller shafts, sliding rings, bearings and centering devices. In addition, it facilitateseconomic use of resources, cleaning agents etc.

        Reduced risk of accidents and improved working conditions

        • as there is no need to remove roll rings by extensive force

        • by using new lighter tools

        Examples of applications:

        Rolling mills, wire drawing processes and anywhere where radial tension sensitive                            parts need to be mounted.

        Quality Assurance

        All A-LOC are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy, correct functioning and load-resistance. During order execution, they are subject to continuous quality assurance measures and are supplied together with detailed technical documentation.


        A-LOC are, of course, ready for installation and use.

        SCHAAF A-LOC are user-friendly, reliable, and manufactured in accordancewith the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated staff would bepleased to train your personnel, in mounting and dismantling A-LOCin situ or at our works.

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